Getting started!

We’re getting started! Climate concerned football fans unite! Unite behind a common goal, kicking out climate killing sponsors from football. Football has grown into a gigantic industry with huge sponsor deals. Many of those sponsors sell high-carbon products. They are fossil fuel giants, airlines or car companies selling petrol cars. UEFA with Gazprom, Schalke 04 with Gazprom, Arsenal with Emirates, Manchester City with Etihad Airways and Juventus with Jeep. The list is long (and to be found here). They use our beloved sport to sportswash their reputation.

While society is getting to grips with the climate crisis, football is lagging behind. And that’s not what football should do. It should lead, it should win. The climate crisis is humanity’s most challenging match, one we can only win together. The world of football kicking out the climate pollutors will be an important goal in a match that promises to go into extra time.

We’re starting small and looking for players! If you want to help out, by spreading the message, joining the team, please get in touch ( For now, follow us on Twitter.

February 11, 2022

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