Kick polluting sponsors out of football.. Take action now!

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Join our campaigns targeted at national and international football associations and specific big polluters. Currently, you can sign our petition asking the Dutch football assocation KNVB to speak out about their polluting sponsor ING.

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Convince Your Club

If your club has a climate destructive sponsor, team up with other fans, organise and campaign! First step: talk about it to your football friends!

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We’re a small organisation, mainly run by volunteers.

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Kick climate killing sponsors out of football!

Football cannot be played in extreme heat or on a flooded field. The climate crisis threatens a liveable planet, and thus our football. Polluting companies keep using football as a billboard to sell their harmful products and protect their reputation. Fossil Free Football campaigns to free football from big polluters. From oil and gas companies to airlines, car companies invested in petrol cars and SUVs, crypto and dirty banks. Big polluters need to go, just like big tobacco. As fans, we can change football. Join us!